On “21 Lessons for the 21st Century”

After ‘Sapiens’ this was my second encounter with Yuval Noah Harari’s writings. I enjoyed mainly his perspectives on technological challenges (Part 1) and political challenges (Part 2) we are going to face in another 30 years. The whole book is written in a very simplified manner so that it provides a better reading experience. All the challenges that the book describe may not become a reality, but sound sensible . To be honest, some chapters don’t have much to offer other than just acknowledging the issues; nevertheless, I would say it is worthwhile to look at atleast the first chapter of this book to have a simplified yet critical thinking about the technological challenges we are gonna face as a cross product of infotech and biotech. It is also a good practice to watch interviews with the author of the book you read, to help establishing a better relationship with the book while reading. Harari has appeared in many interviews which are interesting as well. You can find those from platforms like YouTube.

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